Apartments in Istanbul for Rent


Holiday in Istanbul? What about renting an apartment in Istanbul to enjoy a comfortable vacation and a bigger place to stay and even cheaper comparing to other luxury hotels around?


Tourists from Europe and Middle-east prefer to rent an apartment to spend long term vacation in Istanbul. Big families or friend groups visiting Istanbul prefer to have a wide space to stay together, and this can be done by renting apartment for one or two months to enjoy their time in the balcony or living room while eating their snacks.


Apartment in Istanbul for rent, can be found with services in luxurious projects or in normal building. Renting an apartment in Istanbul in a complex offers you many social facilities to use such like; reception services, housekeeping, swimming pool, pool café, fitness salon, spa, turkish hamam and a 24/7 security for your belongings and children. Also having a parking lot is a very big advantage that you might not find if you rent normal apartment.


Easy accessibility in Istanbul gives you the opportunity to move easily from your apartment to any place you wish. Rent apartment in Istanbul, will save your budget and have the opportunity to try traditional food in Turkey or visit many historical places and museums instead.


Renting an Apartment in Istanbul can also be organized from our wide portfolio by our renting department in our company.


For more information about living and renting apartment in Istanbul, please contact us by email or send us a message and we will get to you as soon as possible.