Apartments in Ortaköy Istanbul


Did you try the Turkish Kumpir before? Or even the Waffle? If not, then you haven’t been to Ortakoy yet.

Ortakoy, the district located in Istanbul European side between Beşiktaş and Bebek districts directly on the Sea. Famous of local cafes, building architecture and street food.


The most famous food in Ortaköy is the Kumpir, which is a stuffed potato full of mashed cheese and butter, then you can choose your favorite topping ingredients to fill it just like sweet corn, red lettuce, sausage, Russian salad, olives….etc followed with pickles and ketchup and served in a special foil plate.

The Kumpir is often eaten by Sea side in Ortaköy where you can also order your Turkish tea or coffee.


Once you arrive at Ortaköy you will notice the small shops side by side selling the kumpir and waffle. The price for a kumpir and soft drink is almost 20 TL.


Ortaköy, also is very famous for the Waffle which is like a fairy tale with its rich ingredients. White chocolate, dark chocolate followed with fresh season fruits and nuts. The waffle in Ortaköy is an unforgettable experience ever.


Apartments in Ortaköy in Istanbul are often a sea view apartments or near to seaside. Having an apartment in Ortaköy will be enjoyable because it will be easy for you to go for walking and watch the shops around or have your dinner in a seaside restaurant. You can easily move around to chill out in Bebek or Taksim. Also it’s very easy and simple to pass to the Asian side from Ortaköy.


Apartments in Ortaköy, vary in prices according to the location to the sea and the type of the apartment. There are luxury apartments in Ortaköy in complex and constructed in villa type or duplex type and provided with facilities such as swimming pool, children playground and reception..etc.


Normal apartments in Ortaköy are also a good opportunity to invest as the area is attracting many foreigners and expats to live in or spend their holiday in, specially European due to the many pubs and cafes and the classy famous restaurants everywhere.


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