Buy property in Istanbul

Istanbul, the big city and the center of business, which has the highest visiting rate for foreigners and the fast going real estate market.

Buy property in Istanbul, means the opportunity of getting the residence permit as a property owner or even invest your money and get the Turkish citizenship.

Buy property in Istanbul, allows you to launch your new life and business you’ve always planned for. Stable life style and good education for your children. As Istanbul is a top destination for expats and students as well. Istanbul city contains many international school beside the normal schools. Some of those international schools allow your child to learn and study in different languages such like; English, French and Arabic. You will notice that most of Istanbul residents also are students because 70% of university campuses takes place in Istanbul city.

Buy property in Istanbul, allows you to use the train station in Kadikoy, intercity bus station or the two airports in Istanbul to spend a holiday beside the sea or a historical trip in caves in the middle of Turkey, and come back to your home in Istanbul.

Buy property in Istanbul, will be your successful investment if you decided to rent it out for tourists coming to visit this giant city.

Renting out your property in Istanbul can also be managed by our renting department in our company.

For more information about living and buying property in Istanbul please contact us by email or send us a message and we will get to you as soon as possible