Expats destinations in Turkey


Turkey has passed a new period lately resulted to a new value for the Turkish lira comparing to the foreign currency, that encouraged foreigners and Turks to invest in realestate in Turkey.


Istanbul, came on the top of the list of expats destination in Turkey. Istanbul city the destination for whom planning to get the right investment for their funds. Realestate market in Istanbul also has increased due to high demand on housing area from foreigners and Turkish citizens as well.


The second destination for foreigner investors is Izmir city, the Aegean coast which succeeded to get to the high recommended cities in Turkey.


Buy a property in Izmir, offered with a wide property portfolio available for all budgets. A property for sale in Izmir can start from 40.000 USD for a small family. Izmir city with its nature and tolerated people encouraged expats to keep on list to stay in.


Kusadasi, the city nearest to Izmir, welcoming hundreds of foreigners everyday due to the international harbor and the modern lifestyle, also the historical memories related to Izmir specially for European foreigners. Kusadasi the destination for German investors in the first stage, whom invested in many sea view villa complexes there. And lately the destination for middle-eastern investors as well.


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