Golf in Turkey has newly started to give attention to the golf as one of the attractive sports now in there. They have improved playgrounds everywhere, even in some residence compounds they included mini golf courts for its residents.

The first golf club in Turkey which is known now as Istanbul Golf Club was established on 1895, and the Turkish Golf Federation was opened on 1996. The Golf courses were firstly created in the coastal areas like Silivri in Istanbul but the biggest and famous located in Belek in Antalya where the courses also has begun. The Best Golf Destination of Europe was organized in Belek in Antalya recently.

They aimed to raise the golf standards in Turkey and increase its participation nationally and internationally and to impose this sport culture to the community.

Turkey now has got a total of 38 national courses for Golf most of them located in main cities like Istanbul, Bodrum, Samsun, Aydin and Antalya has the largest number of golf courses. Golf clubs also have been established in all around Turkey.

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