Istanbul Real estate

Istanbul the authentic city known for its high historical and religious value for centuries. Real estate in Istanbul has raisin since 2014 specially after the reforms for foreigners laws to own real estate in Turkey.

For centuries, Istanbul used to be the destination of foreign architectures who built palaces, mansions and waterside villas. They’ve built waterside villas for themselves and also delegates and khedive to spend their vacations on the Bosphorus in great Istanbul.

Istanbul real estate records has shown a 30.5% raising in number of foreigners who bought properties till June 2019. As prices for real estate were stable and paralleled by rental prices.

Top nationalities who preferred to buy properties in Istanbul were Iraq, Iran, Russia, Germany and Kuwait. Foreign investors who got the point of the benefits of investing in Istanbul real estate preferred to buy properties with high ROI than to pay much money in small apartment in Europe for example as Istanbul is one of top destinations for tourists and expats who took the decision to settle down in Istanbul.

Istanbul realestate recorded many new branded projects with many social facilities to comfort their residents. Includes administration services to make it easy for project investors to follow up with the statistics of their apartments and rental income as well.

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