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Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı

Kuşadası, Aydın, Turkey


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Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı

Cheap 3 bedrooms Apartment with a full view for sale in Kuşadası.

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Turkey (officially the Republic of Turkey) is a large country situated on the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Its geographic position between these continents has exposed Turkish society to both Eastern and Western influences – from the Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe to Central Asia and the Caucasus. As a result, the culture hosts unique blends of both traditional and modern conventions as well as religious and practices. Indeed, Turks continue to negotiate their identity as some of the most  people in the Islamic world.–Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı

It is important to note that cultural practices, social attitudes and lifestyles vary significantly across the country. There are substantial differences between localities (rural/urban), regions, socioeconomic status,  and educational levels. Nevertheless, Turks are generally united by a strong national identity (see National Identity and Kemalism below). They also share certain core cultural values, such as a sense of honour, hospitality and neighbourliness.

Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı
Traditions You Should Know About Turkish Culture | MELARES

Regional Differences

The Turkish population has become increasingly urbanised, with the majority of people (75.1%) living in industrialised metropolitan areas.1 This has influenced a shift towards more cosmopolitan lifestyles. For example, it is now far more common for urban Turks to have dinner at a dining table, as opposed to a traditional floor table. Major cities, such as Istanbul and Ankara, are typically very modern and . However, many classic Turkish institutions remain very popular. For instance, local bazaars continue to be the main trading centres instead of shopping centres.–Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı

Traditional cultural practices continue to be observed in many rural areas – particularly in the Eastern regions and along the border with Syria and Iraq. Rural populations often occupy the lowest rungs of the socioeconomic ladder and have less access to education and infrastructure. As a broad generalisation, the further one moves east towards Central, Eastern and Southeast Anatolia, the more traditional and Islamic the culture becomes.
Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı

Turkey - Cultural life | Britannica


The concept of honour (onur) is deeply embedded in Turkish culture, noticeably influencing people’s behaviour. A person’s honour is determined by their personal actions as well as the behaviour of those they are associated with (i.e. their family, community or any ‘group’ they belong to).

Therefore, if an individual does something dishonourable, their origins (e.g. family) may be implicated as the cause. In this way, there is a cultural pressure on individuals to protect their personal reputation (namus) and the image of those around them. This may require people to give a public impression of dignity and integrity by stressing their positive qualities, emphasising their family member’s achievements and adhering to social expectations.
(Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı)

There are many ways by which one can gain or lose honour. Typically, honourable behaviour relates to having a high social status, maintaining sexual modesty and exhibiting core Turkish virtues such as honesty and hospitality. ‘Seref’ describes honour gained from accomplishments or achievements, whereas ‘izzet’ refers to honour that is derived from being good and generous to others. When one loses honour and feels a deep shame, this is referred to as ‘yuzsuz’.

Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı

Nine Things To Know About Turkish Culture- Property Turkey

It is worth noting that the expectations regarding what is ‘honourable’ and ‘shameful’ can vary significantly among people of different family backgrounds, regions, educational levels and social attitudes. For example, younger Turks may hide certain actions from the older generations who might be deeply offended by such behaviours.

Those living in rural areas also tend to have more traditional and rigid views regarding the honour code. In these smaller communities, the social shaming following an act of dishonour can seriously affect one’s life, opportunities, socioeconomic status and self-worth. Nonetheless, the awareness of honour highlights the virtue underlying people’s actions and generally influences Turks to be generous, warm and honest.

Cheap Full view Apartment for Sale in Kusadaşı

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