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Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Kıyıkışlacık, Milas/Muğla, Turkey


  • Balcony
  • Car-parking
  • Garden
  • Investment properties
  • Kitchen
  • Security System
  • Swimming Pool
  • TV Cable


Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Land size: 500 m2

suitable for Three-bedroom villa construction.

Price: 41.000 EUR

Down payment: 14.000 EUR

36 months installments



Bodrum(Muğla Province) is a resort area along the Aegean coast. There’s a moderate Mediterranean climate with mild summers. Bodrum has both sandy (piled up in bulk) and pebble beaches; they are among ten best in Turkey. There are lots of attractions in the region: the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, St. Peter’s Castle, Black Island, the tomb of Mausolus, Amphitheatre, Myndos Gate, and the ancient city Pedase. Bodrum is also famous for its nightlife and is popular with surfers and divers, without losing, at the same time, the charm of a small town. Real estate there is diverse, there are both villas (from simple to deluxe) and apartments. The cost depends on many factors.

Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Area Guide to Bodrum in Turkey and Why it is a Major Tourist Hub - Spot Blue

Location and climate. A temperate Mediterranean climate dominates in the region. Owing to the Aegean sea, summers are softer. In summers the air warms up to an average of +28° C, and the water in the sea – to +24° C.

The sea and the beach. Bodrum is located on a peninsula on the Aegean Sea. Bodrum beaches (and there are about a dozen of them here) are among ten best in Turkey. In the town itself there are two types of beaches: pebble beaches and sand beaches (usually it is an artificial platform with piled up sand). Guests from around the world are attracted by blue sea, well-equipped beaches and sports clubs, providing everything you need for water sports.–Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Transport accessibility. Bodrum International Airport is 36 km from the town of Bodrum itself and 16 km from the town of Milas. Driving by car on federal road D330 takes 45 minutes to Bodrum and 20 minutes to Milas. Also, you can go to Bodrum by bus, which runs continuously between the airport and the town.

Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey Is an Under-the-Radar Luxury Travel Hotspot: Photos

Sights. The Museum of Underwater Archaeology, St. Peter’s Castle, Black Island, the tomb of Mausolus, Amphitheatre, Myndos Gate, the ancient city of Pedase – these are only a small part of what there is in and around the city.—Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Safety. Bodrum is a town with a very low crime rate, it is especially liked by European tourists. The decision to develop tourism in this region of Turkey was adopted at the state level, and the Turkish authorities have done everything so that tourists, as well as property owners, feel safe.(Unique Investment Land in Bodrum)

Education. The town offers a wide range of private and public schools, where they teach in Turkish.—Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Culture and traditions. Bodrum is one of the most youth and hangout resorts in Turkey. World-famous nightclub Halicarnassus and floating disco Catamaran are always filled with vacationers. Popular European DJs and trendy artists perform here with their best hits. Also, Bodrum is a favorite place for surfers and divers. The representatives of arts and Turkish intellectuals like the city too, many of them bought villas on the coast here. Many of Bodrum residents speak English, German and French.

Unique Investment Land in Bodrum


Advantages of a small town. Officially, about 150 thousand people reside in the town permanently. The population increased several times during the holiday season, when the town is filled with tourists and resort life is in full swing. However, in winter everything is back to calm and quiet life, at the same time historic sites, many cafes and restaurants are open all year.—Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

Real Estate. A stable demand from foreign buyers and wealthy Turks maintain real property prices in Bodrum at a high level. Offered for sale are both apartments in 2-3-storey complexes and villas with sea views. Huge luxury villas on the seafront with sea views costing more than 1 million euros are not uncommon here. In general, the price of a property depends on the area of the property, location on the peninsula, the livability of the district, the presence of a sea view and the convenience of the access for an automobile.

Unique Investment Land in Bodrum

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