The Ritz-Cartlton, Şişli/İstanbul- Turkey




  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Barbecue
  • Car Park
  • car washing
  • Car-parking
  • Central heating
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Garden
  • Green Areas
  • Gym
  • Holiday property
  • Investment properties
  • Kitchen
  • Luxury Property
  • near atm
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • TV Cable
  • WiFi



Get ready for an unforgettable holiday experience in Yalıkavak, one of Bodrum’s magnificent resorts. Villa is waiting for you for a happy holiday where you will feel peace every day.

The unique view of your villa will impress you at first glance. You will not have a single day that is not good at Villa , where you will open your eyes to a different blue every day and be satisfied with the sea view.

The Project offers a detached and very well-presented luxury villa in Yalikavak with an exotic panoramic sea, island and nature views.

The Project consists private 4-bed – 9 bed villa on a large private plot with a garage, manicured gardens and an infinity swimming pool. Excellent leisure facilities including a sauna, cinema room and a spectacular roof terrace.

We invite you to lie back, relax and savour the moment.  Easy access via car or bus to all other Bodrum areas, beaches and the airport. Walking distance to local amenities in Geris and a few minutes’ drive to the town centre & Yalikavak Marina.

An ideal home for holidays, year-round living or an ideal high-end investment in Bodrum for a very high rental income.


* Suitable for Citizenship

* Ready to Move


Project Information:

4+1, 9+2 Bedroom Options



Site Features

Walking Track

Parking Garage

Indoor Swimming Pool

Children’s Playgrounds


Turkish Bath

Fitness Center


Outdoor Swimming Pool


Camera Security

Suite Bathroom





Rooms Min m2 Max. m2 Min. Price Max. Price
4+1 221 m2 314 m2 1.690.000 $ 2.370.000 $
9+2 214 m2 250 m2 6.200.000 $ 6.200.000 $


5 Minutes to Sea side

25 Minutes to Highway

40 Minutes to Bodrum International Airport




The world-famous Bodrum Peninsula is one of Turkey’s corners of paradise with its 3,500-year history, culture and art inherited from ancient civilizations, natural beauties, original architecture, agricultural riches, gastronomy, climate, sea and magnificent bays, entertainment life that lasts until the morning, quality and different concept accommodation facilities that meet all your needs. LUXURIOUS PROJECT IN THE CENTER OF BODRUM

ˈbodɾum, which has fascinated mankind since the ages before Christ, contains the traces of various cultures and civilizations such as Leleg, Carian, Persian, Dor, Helen, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman from antiquity to the present.

Halicarnassus, which was called the “Paradise of Eternal Blues” by the famous historian Homer, was founded on the lands that were the intersection point of Greek and Anatolian civilizations. Archaeological finds belonging to various civilizations indicate that the region and its surroundings have a history of seven thousand years.  (LUXURIOUS PROJECT IN THE CENTER OF BODRUM) Halicarnassus, one of the most important port cities of the Caria Region in ancient times, raised many important people such as Herodotos, known as the father of history, and Artemisia I, the first female admiral of history.

It is said that the adventure of mankind in Bodrum has a history that goes back to 3,000 years. Historian Herodotos (484 BC) from Bodrum writes that the city was founded by the Dorians around 1.000 BC where the castle is located today. Back then, this place was an island.LUXURIOUS PROJECT IN THE CENTER OF BODRUM

The Carians came under the rule of the Lydians in the 6th century BC, and then the Persians. Persians divided Anatolia into satrapies. The Caria Region was ruled by the Hekatomnos Family. Mausolos brought the capital of the Carian Satrap from Mylasa to Halicarnassus and had the city rebuilt.

Halicarnassus experienced its brightest period in these years. During his 24-year rule, Mausolos started to build the tomb monument, which is known as the Mausolleion and is one of the seven wonders of the world. After his death, his wife and sister Artemisia II continued the construction of the monument.

LUXURIOUS PROJECT IN THE CENTER OF BODRUM In 334 BC, Macedonian King Alexander the Great conquered the lands in Anatolia under Persian rule. After the city was burned and destroyed by Alexander, it could not recover. After the death of Alexander, the region was ruled by his generals for a while, then came under the rule of the Ptolemies and Rhodes, but Halicarnassus preserved its independence like other coastal cities. In 133 BC, when the Romans established the Asian State in Anatolia as the heir of the Pergamon Kingdom, Caria was included in this state. After the division of Rome into two (324 AD), it became a bishopric under the Aphrodisias Metropolitan.LUXURIOUS PROJECT IN THE CENTER OF BODRUM

The city passed into the hands of the Turks in the last quarter of the XI century. It joined the territory of Menteşe Principality in the 19th century. With the conquest of Rhodes by Suleiman the Magnificent, Bodrum joined the territory of the Ottoman Empire. It was occupied by the Italians at the end of the First World War (11 May 1919), and the Italian occupation ended in the War of Independence -05.07.1921-. LUXURIOUS PROJECT IN THE CENTER OF BODRUM

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