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Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir



  • Balcony
  • Barbecue
  • Car-parking
  • Fireplace
  • Garden
  • Holiday property
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Lift
  • Luxury Property
  • Private Beach
  • Sauna
  • Security System
  • Swimming Pool
  • TV Cable
  • WiFi


Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir


5 bedrooms, 2 salons and 6 bathrooms.

property size: 600 m2

smart home

equipped kitchen

3-car indoor parking


sauna & spa

laundry room


winter garden



security system

roof terrace


1000 mbps internet speed

maid room

close to beach

close to city center

sea view villa




History of İzmir

Ancient. İzmir  (Smyrna) was built on a small peninsula with a size of approximately hundred decare, which was located on the northeast of the İzmir gulf. In the last few centruies, with the soil coming with floods from the Meles River through Sipvlos (Yamanlar) Mountain, today’s Bornova plain was formed and the small peninsula turned into a hill.(Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir)

Now known as “Tepekule”, over this mound visitors can see a wineyard. The region, which was populated with slums after 1955, is hosting İzmir Mound, the first known settlement in İzmir. Türkiye History Institution and General Directorate of Museums have great contribution to the first excavations.

Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir

The first settlements on the Western Anatolia seashores, having mainly Aiol, Ion and Dorian roots after the war of Troy, were built on small peninsulas. These are settlements such as Çandarlı, Foça, İzmir, Klazomenai, Miletos and Iasos. So, the founders and settlers had mostly Hellenistic roots. Therefore the settlers had not only two different ports, they were also safe against the attacks coming from both land and sea.-Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir


Under unfavorable weather conditions, when one port was not available, sailors had the chance to use the other port. Bayraklı Mound was on the norteastern corner of the İzmir gulf and also with the help of the Yamanlar Mountain’s steep structure on its north, it was located on a convenient place against the attacks from land. Mound’s southern part was open to sea breeze. Ancient İzmir settlement remained on this peninsula almost 3000 years long. In the second half of the 4th century BC, settlement was moved to today’s Kadifekale foothill as a result of the huge increase in population.


Origins of the Word “İzmir”

At Ionian dialect the word “İzmir” was written as Smurne and at Attika (Athens) dialect it was written as Smyrna. However, in recent years there are findings of a village settlement known with the same name around Efes ancient city. But the word “Smyrna” is not a Greek word; like the names of many settlements its origin comes from Anatolia.

Belonging to the beginning of 2000 BC, at some of scriptures found in Kayseri Kültece settlement we can see the name Tismurna. “Ti” in Tismurna is a prefix and presumably it indicates the name of a person or a place. Hellenes and the settlers of Bayraklı Mound eliminated this prefix and called the city as “Smurna”. Most probably the city was known between the years 3000 and 1800 BC as “Smurnu”.

Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir

Although the first settlements in İzmir date back far earlier than 3000 BC, the recent excavations show only 3000 BC yet. According to the information gained by these excavations, the first settlers of İzmir were building their homes on the top level of the mound onto the rocks 3 to 5 meters above sea level. This first settlement belongs to Bronze Age.

The potteries of those times have similarities with Troian times and culture (3000-2500 BC). Over the first settlement layer, there was the Middle Bronze Age. The stoneware artefacts found here are almost identical with the artefacts produced in the city of Troy II (2500 BC – 2000 BC).

Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir

The third settlement layer is contemporary with Troy VI and Hitite period (1800 BC – 1050 BC). A large and solid vase found in this layer is the same type with the potteries found at Beyce Sultan excavations, a region located on the south of the cities Afyon and Uşak. Likewise a lot of potteries have similar forms with the ones in Middle Anatolia and in Troy VI. Other than these, the “Minyas” type of vases found in Troy VI are also found in Bayraklı and 4-5 Myken ceramics were found as well.(Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir)

Since the excavation drills are small, there is no extensive information about the structure of houses. The language of the native population living in İzmir during Bronze Age is also still unknown. The finding of “Minyas” type stoneware can be taken as a clue that also here there was an Achaian (Achaioi: Myken) trade colony in the years around 2000 BC just as in a lot of Anatolian cities.

Çeşme Real Estate For Sale in Izmir

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