Should I buy real estate in Turkey during the coronavirus period?


Buy apartment during a pandemic, COVID-19 or as known with coronavirus was spread globally and affected all countries causing a crisis in economy balances and uncountable deaths. Furthermore, international flight restricts, curfew and many restricts in normal life was applied to avoid the direct contact between people.


Therefor, many countries confirmed to begin use everything remotely in most of working fields such like; marketing, payments, official procedures…etc. Realestate sector is one of them, as a result of international flights restriction, real estate sector was put face to face a serious crisis. As most of foreigner clients who started their property purchasing processing became unable to go out of their countries. Local clients who used to buy with direct contact are unable to go out freely. Developers accepted flexible payment plans for those who wish to buy properties. And the most important the currency value in front of the dollar.


Due to these restricts, government has accepted to allow all purchaser to apply for the title-deed online and follow all process online. So YES, it is possible to buy property during the coronavirus but most processes will be online, you can send us all required documents that will be asked from you during purchasing by email, and we can apply for the TAPU department Online then go only for signing.


Checking your apartment online and the title deed processes will be easy due to the new government’s decisions.


Renting out your property in Turkey can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


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