The Top Three City For Property Investment In Turkey


Turkey, has achieved a high and successful place in real estate market after the latest laws which allow foreigners to get the Turkish Citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey.


Tourism field began to get a stability in the country which gave the chance for investment opportunities to increase.


A number of cities succeeded to attract the interest of foreign investments because of the stability in real estate market and the high profitable properties. Those cities are as following.


Istanbul, the big city and the center of business was the top destination for foreigner investors.


The real estate market in Istanbul recorded an increase since the last year 2018 as the most preferred city by foreigners.


Izmir, the city on the Aegean coast and has been developed to be 2nd preferred city by foreigner investors after Istanbul.


Izmir property became valuable due to the city which developed to be a center of business, the international airport, suitable prices of properties and warm climate.


Antalya, the city on the Mediterranean Sea the 3rd preferred by foreigners. The city became a global meeting point and an attraction for foreigner investors.


The sunny and warm climate and the transportation facilities provided in the city were reasons to foreigners to prefer Antalya properties.


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