Top Reasons to go to Izmir Turkey ,   Izmir, the cozy elite city located in west Turkey on the Aegean sea, with only 14 million living in it. You will find many reasons to decide at least to buy a property in Izmir and continue live in it.


  • Gevrek simit, the famous turkish donut covered with sesame has unforgettable taste for all Izmir
  • Boyoz, another type of bakery in Izmir with cheese, tomato and pepper often eaten with Turkish tea to try in the breakfast.
  • Kordon, the most famous place to go out and spend a nice time with friends beside the sea. You can have your lunch or dinner in many types of restaurants there or just set on the bench in front of the Sea.
  • Midya, a delicious type of sea shell cooked in a special way often eaten by squeezing lemon on it, very special food for people in Izmir.
  • Smiling people, you will definitely notice the smile that doesn’t leave people’s face in Izmir and their friendly attitude towards foreigners.
  • Sunny clock square in Konak, the most visited place in Izmir and almost the center where you can do your shopping for very cheap prices and also the place where most of govern buildings located to issue your residency.
  • Karsiyaka, the most eligible and luxurious district in Izmir where new projects construction take place.


Izmir, recently has started to operate the tramway which helps to reach all places and areas in a very short time comfortably.


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