Buying a property in Trabzon Turkey is well known by its successful economy, qualified and competitive labor force liberal and reformist investment climate, infra-structure, a centrally located and a bridge from Europe to Asia, energy corridor and terminal of europe, low taxes and incentives customs union with the EU  since 1996 and a large domestic market.


One of the North’s famous city, Trabzon has a different taste and traditions than any part of Turkey.

TRABZON, the city you will notice its unique atmosphere once your plane land on the airport on the coast of the black sea. People in Trabzon still keep the innocent and simple life style.


Apartments in Trabzon often use the central heating by burning coal, as the winter comes to the city earlier than the south. You can feel the warm spirit in Trabzon people.


TRABZON, where the fish season has a special ceremony and you can see the fish-farms spread on the silver water, you can enjoy the famous plate “ Hamsiin Trabzon with the companion of the famous trabzon bread. Also you can taste the corn bread and the different types of pickles.


When you come to Trabzon don’t forget to have your breakfast near the lake “uzungol” which has a wonderful nature and view. And enjoy the “mihlama” with tea, the traditional and number 1 drink in Trabzon daily life, as most of black sea residents they prefer the dark turkish tea.


In Trabzon you can have your sea-view apartment for a suitable price and also enjoy a tour of the whole city in 1 hour.


Having your own home in Trabzon will offer your family an opportunity to socialize with pure Turkish people. Visit the hazelnut farms and go out to the shopping malls. Climate in Trabzon is cold

In winter and warm in summer. And you will have a chance to invest in your property when you’re not using it.


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