Buying Property in Istanbul city the magical city that all poets wrote about it, the first station for whom want to live the modern and good life standard as well. Istanbul the cultural capital and the business center.


Most of families who planned to move to Turkey to establish a new life, specially preferred the city of Istanbul, where they can find the school and international ones, also most of university campus.


Known brands companies chose Istanbul city to launch their head office. Istanbul city has an international port (Istanbul Port) where all ships move from and to all countries around the world.


Istanbul city has lastly opened the third international airport to serve the number of passengers coming into the city or transiting. Annual exhibitions are often organized in Istanbul. Most of import and export companies and customs are established in Istanbul city.


Due to many investment opportunities which are available in istanbul city, many investors found their aim in investing in real estate. Real estate the best investment where you can get approximately 5-10% ROI. You can either give your unit for rent for companies or students. Or even you can construct your own project.


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