Antalya, globally investors’ preferred city


Antalya, one of the major tourist destinations of world tourism, continues to break the record by 25% in the first three months of the year 2019 compared to the same period of the previous year.


Antalya, continues to be a favorite of global investors by raising its brand value in the tourism sector by attracting many tourists and business seekers to enjoy a warm and joyful holiday or invest successfully.


According to data of the TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute), Antalya, has reserved the second place after Istanbul in foreigners Real estate sales, and recorded a 47% increase in January-February-March 2019 compared to the same period of the previous year.


The number of tourists arriving in the city Antalya in the last 3 months is 571.207 with a 25 % increase, and a record breaking rate is expected in the year. Expecting to reach 15 million for the target of foreign tourists in Antalya. Top countries who are visiting the city are Germany, Russia and UK.


Antalya, is seen as a direct window of Turkey to the world with many features, as it’s continues to welcome immigration from the cities and citizens of different countries. Antalya’s growing economy and increasing economic viability due to foreigner number living in the city, which made it comes Immediately after Istanbul and Ankara with the number of foreign tourists arriving in Turkey, and capital income per person. Also The city, which makes 67 % of exports to European Union countries, is an important trade center for the country’s economy.


Due to Antalya’s importance as a tourist region, many develops have taken place in the city and Real estate in Turkey will benefit greatly from these developments. Both domestically and internationally Investors who want to buy real estate in Antalya have serious potential. Antalya would be the first choice for those who want to live together with the city life and nature, and who want to have a calm, high quality and high social activity.


Antalya’s mega city project by one of the biggest construction companies in Turkey, with an investment of 8 billion dollars. The pearl Antalya, offering a new project with, 1 million 300 thousand square meters of green and blue, which is intertwined with the area are built to suit a modern city. Consisting of 19.000 residence units, offices, home office, shops, markets, schools, health areas, worship areas, social areas, museums and a huge park.

Russia, UK, South Korea and many Europe citizens were top purchasers in this project beside Turkish from all around the world.


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