Top nationalities to invest in Turkey


Over the last 15 years Turkey has broken a record in coming foreign investments achieving a top score in global market.


Since Turkey announced new reforms to facilitate the foreign investments to establish in the country to refresh the economy in 2014, a huge number of foreign companies were established in Turkey and recorded a total of 57 thousands 710 foreign company and was increased to 66 thousands in 2015.


According to the central bank records these foreign investments and established companies showed a huge increasing in 2018 and still going on.


The Netherlands was the top investor country in Turkey with 833 million dollars. And so on, it would be the main investing source to the Turkish economy.


Azerbaijan, the neighbor country to Turkey and attached with a strong relations in business and social since ever. Also was one of the top investor countries in Turkey with a 516 million dollars.


Italy, which increased the foreign investments to Turkey since last year, and then Australia and USA.

Achieving high rates of investment return and encouraging other countries to increase their capital in foreign investments in Turkey.


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