Important things you need to know before living in Turkey


Living in Turkey, is a good opportunity for foreigner investors where they can get good living standards and cheap prices, easy process for getting residence permit in Turkey and the low cost of living due to the currency rate, also the advantage to get the Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey.


Living in Turkey still reasonable step specially for foreigners from EU and USA, as it’s cheaper in housing, rents, living and transportation in Turkey, the food and daily expenses than in their countries. However, it can shows some differences according the region they prefer to live but though it will still be cheap.


Foreigners who decided to live in Turkey, should apply for the residence permit online through the e-residence system from the directorate general of migration management website and follow the online application and the required documents. There are many local offices to help you get your residence permit in Turkey as well.


The currency rate of the Turkish Lira, attracted many foreigner business seekers to invest in Turkey.

Foreigners who decided to live in Turkey also had a big advantage from the currency rate of the Turkish lira specially foreigners from EU and Middleeast. It was a great opportunity for them to invest in real estate as we see a jump of the house sales to 78% last year 2018. Turkey has confirmed a new law to allow those who invest 250.000 $ in real estate to get the Turkish citizenship. Also for those who establish a business with a capital of $ 500k to apply for the Turkish citizenship.


Popular regions to live in Turkey, Istanbul is one of the top regions preferred by foreigners, but however, the Aegean region such as Izmir is most preferred by foreigners from Europe due to the tolerance of people living there and the warm weather and beautiful nature. Also Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum are preferred by most of foreigners visiting Turkey.



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