Benefits Of Buying Property In Turkey


Since Turkey has provided many benefits for foreign investors to take the opportunity and invest safely in the country, foreigners are able to buy properties to live or rent out, buy a land to develop or even houses to renovate, Turkey offered for most of those investors the Turkish citizenship as well with a specific investment budget.


Buying a property in Turkey has many benefits as Properties in Turkey are much cheaper than Europe, and it would be a perfect chance to buy a property to live or spend your holiday in.


Foreigners purchasing land or field shall match the specifics of the Turkish law which give them the chance to buy a land with limitation to start construction and apply the plan to the ministry within 2 years.


Most of important benefits ever is the value of money, as according to the currency rate of the TL, foreign investors can buy a big property in Turkey comparing to what this amount of money can buy in their country.


Turkish residency and Citizenship, foreigner buying a property in Turkey can easily get the residence permit as a property owner, moreover he can get the citizenship if he buy a property with $ 250k according to the new law.


Foreigners who buy a property in Turkey have the full ownership (freehold ownership) of the property or land. It gives the owners much more freedom with their properties to sell or renovate.


Finally the cost of living in Turkey is one of the benefits also, as it’s low in taxes comparing to the cost of living and taxes in EU and USA.


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