Apartments in Bahçeşehir istanbul

Bahçeşehir, district located in the European side of great Istanbul attached to Başakşehir govern and divided to two stages. Most of Istanbul’s elite families moved to Bahçeşehir to escape from the city’s crowd and noise.

Step by step, Bahçeşehir district got a wide fame in Istanbul due to the design of the area and the lifestyle. Some preferred to live in a villa with private pool and garden, and others preferred to live in apartment inside complex with social facilities surrounded with neighbors.

Going out in Bahçeşehir will guarantee a day of activities and having fun. You can visit the Gölet which is the most famous place in Bahçeşehir where you can walk around and make your sport or enjoy the lake and fountains while sitting in the park.
Having your breakfast in “Gurme Bahçeşehir” will offer you an unforgettable open buffet village breakfast with the companion of Turkish tea. Once you enter the restaurant you will notice the numerous food types, cheese and spices.

Afternoon you can visit the cinema or the theatre or even the cultural center and attend the activities there. Shopping in Bahçeşehir very interesting as you can visit the “Akbati shopping center” where many brands there with unique designs.

The bazaar in Bahçeşehir is a very unique experience as it’s located on a huge land and you can find all kind of food and garments.

Evening in Bahçeşehir has it’s own taste, you can try the Italian cuisine in “Bella vista” restaurant while listening to live piano music. Turkish cuisine in “Safir” restaurant and enjoy the mix grill meat. Or even enjoy your Nargile in cafe on lakeshore.

Shortly, you will enjoy every moment in your apartment in Bahçeşehir as it’s one of top destination for many expats in Istanbul to live in due to the standard of people and services there.

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