Apartments in Başakşehir Istanbul

Since 2008 and Istanbul began to expand horizontally to west, the west of Ataturk airport where there were many lands to invest with high profitable residence projects.

Başakşehir, is one of those new districts where many residence and villa projects take place. It was parceled and divided to small areas and most famous area there is Bahçeşehir. Easy to reach from the Taksim or Şişli by bus or metro-bus or even the metro within 20-50 minutes only.

Having apartment in başakşehir, will give you the opportunity to spend your day without getting bored. You can spend your time at the Gölet and enjoy the wide park, or having your favorite drink at one of the restaurants there.

Having your morning sport in the Gölet area in the weekend will give you enough energy to start your week full energy. Trying the Italian cuisine or the Turkish cuisine or even having a delicious seafood meal while watching the goose swimming in the wide lake and the fountains.

Visiting the Olympic stadium in başakşehir will be one of your favorite adventures. Shopping in the most elite shopping center in the area in Akbati shopping center and enjoy the activities there.

Renting out your Apartments in Başakşehir Istanbul can also be managed by our renting department in our company.

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