Apartments in Sariyer Istanbul


Sariyer district located in the European side of Istanbul, and after Beşiktaş and Bebek districts. Sariyer has a special place due to the location very close to sea and the quiet life there. Most of foreign property owners used to stay in Sariyer nearby embassies and the place is as a gate to the bosphorus.


Famous international schools used to take place near Sariyer, like the Robert college and the top university “Boğaziçi university”. Sariyer district also famous for groves and waterside villas. Emirgen korusu is one of the most famous place to visit in Sariyer. Belgrad forest is one of the favorable place to visit in Sariyer also Emirgen forest. As mentioned before Sariyer is the gate of the Bosphorus for those who comes from the Black sea and because of that in ancient centuries Istanbul used to have fortress in both sides, the Rumeli hisari in the european side in Sariyer and the other one is Anadolu hisari in Beykoz in the Anatolian side of istanbul. You can enjoy watching the bosphorus from these forts and take the adventure to climb the long and unwalled stairs, you will have the chance to watch ships passing the turquoise sea.


Apartments in Sariyer, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the nearest beach “Kilyos beach” with its nice black sea waves. Enjoy the picnic in “Irmak mesire” resort or the “Japanese garden” in weekend. Actually Sariyer district is full of resort and promenades that you can visit every week also there are always activities there which will make your children enjoy their time.


Apartment in Sariyer Istanbul, will be your successful investment due to the location, mentality and standard of life and people living there and the high return on investment you will get. Renting out your apartment to foreign tourists or diplomates will get you a high profit on your investment.


Renting out your Apartments in Sariyer Istanbul can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


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