House in Istanbul Sale


Architecture in Istanbul, has different sizes, dimension and design according to the district it located. In Old times, Byzantines, Greek, Armenian and lastly Ottoman left their effect on architecture in Istanbul till today.

You can watch this clearly in every corner while going around In the city.


Houses in Istanbul, which belongs to greeks or Armenian expats are often can be seen in Beyoğlu and Şişli districts as most of them used to live there near their embassies and easy reach to sea and government buildings or palace. Those buildings now are being restored as a part of Istanbul’s ancient architecture. Some of them are totally rebuilt following the modern architecture with many more options such like; elevator, generator, water storage, intercom, steel doors and the most important earthquake resistance.


Houses in Istanbul sale, are often resell after the restoration with high profit. Many developers used to take over these buildings and converted to small residence complex with facilities. One of those areas is tepebaşı in Beyoğlu Istanbul where they started to restore buildings there and planning to open a shopping center there.


Houses in Istanbul sale, in Beşiktaş or Şişli for example are most preferred by both expats and Turkish investors due to the conception of the area and the high demand on it. Also easy accessibility to all public transportation and business centers.


Houses in Istanbul sale, accepted to be most desired properties in real estate market in Turkey, due to high return on income and ability to resell or rent out or even barter with other properties.


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