Apartments in Cihangir Istanbul


Turkey has reached high records for coming tourists, due to its well known successful economy, qualified and competitive labor force liberal and reformist investment climate, infra-structure, a country centrally located and a bridge from Europe to Asia, energy corridor and terminal of Europe, low taxes and incentives customs union with the EU since 1996 and a large domestic market. An open air museum for a lot of monuments and palaces. Currency rate change encouraged tourists to visit Turkey and spend their holiday with low expenses.


Due to many investment opportunities which are available in Istanbul city, many investors found their aim in investing in real estate. Real estate the best investment where you can get approximately 5-10% ROI. You can either give your unit for rent for companies or students. Or even you can construct your own project.


Cihangir district which is an extension to Taksim square area gained its fame from artists staying in the area. Many artists preferred to have their Apartment in Cihangir with full sea view and wide modern terrace. Most of them spend their night in famous café in Cihangir or in Nişantaşı which is either very close to Cihangir.


Cihangir is famous for its nostalgic streets which are lined with concrete stones, antiques shops and art galleries. The area will attract your attention with the style of buildings which most of them are painted in green or pink. You can try the traditional Turkish hamam by visiting the Ağa hamami in Cihangir.


Apartments in Cihangir are often preferred by writers and artists due to the nostalgic atmosphere in the area and the distance to Taksim and sea side which is only walking distance. Old and qualified wine and places to go for eating or drinking in Cihangir. Enjoy their night life in famous clubs around.


Renting out your Property in Istanbul can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


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