Apartments in Istanbul City Centre


Living in Istanbul became one of the most desired looked in search engines. Easy transportation in Istanbul made it faster to go around and from east to west in only 1 hour. Destinations in Istanbul became so close and easy to reach due to transportation network and instructions in the streets.


Having an apartment in Istanbul City Centre, is very big advantage to have a successful investment.

Renting out your property in Istanbul will get you high profit. Every day approx. 110.000 person visits Istanbul. According to statistics more than 5 millions visited Istanbul city during the last touristic season.


Having Apartment in Istanbul city centre, provide you high opportunity to invest in your property. Lastly Government planned to move the govern buildings to the new developed districts what will decrease the traffic in the city centre.


Istanbul city centre is full of shopping malls and famous restaurants as well. Visiting Taksim square is one of the top destination for foreigners first coming to Istanbul. Shopping in the Istiklal street and having coffee or dinner in restaurants there. Taking the tramway from the beginning to the end of the street.

Eating wet burger (islak burger) is one the most famous fast food in Taksim after trying the maraş ice cream in Mado café. Drinking coffee in flower passage or eating profiterole at Inci patisserie.


Having a Property in Istanbul city centre will allow you to enjoy your time during your vacation and also earn very good money by investing in it.


Renting out your Property in Istanbul can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


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