Properties for Sale in Beşiktaş Istanbul


Beşiktaş, this district located I the European side in Istanbul and only 5 minutes away from Taksim square in Istanbul. One of the top preferred destination to go out and live by foreigners. Beşiktaş is the last station before taking the Bosphorus bridge to reach the Asian side in Istanbul. Also where the port to take the ferry boat to Üsküdar or Kadıköy.


Beşiktaş, where you can walk around the local shops and buy clothes or bags or even shoes for a very suitable price as most of shops there sell brands high copy products.


Beşiktaş area is also famous of prominent universities, Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul Teknik University (İTÜ) and Yıldız Teknik University (YTÜ) and so many other university branch and faculties. This is why the area is full of students, restaurants and café. Apartments in Beşiktaş are rented most of the time and it’s hard to find empty or available one. Because the area standards and people living there are more classy and wealthy. People used to live in Beşiktaş in the past are now living in new developed areas in Istanbul.


Apartments in Beşiktaş are with sea view most of them at least that’s why prices are higher comparing to older districts. Transportation in the area also are so easy to reach the other side of Istanbul.


Historical buildings like Dolmabahçe palace and Yildiz Palace also located in Beşiktaş. There are teo famous gardens there called Yildiz Park and Ulus park located on a hill with sea view, it’s a perfect place to enjoy your picnic.


If you like to go to classy restaurants or café at night you will find your aim in Beşiktaş. Sunsit grill&bar, Gunaydin steakhouse and Nusret are the most famous and high quality restaurants in Turkey.


Renting out your Property in Beşiktaş can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


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