Appetizers in Turkish Cuisine


Gastronomy in Turkish cuisine has won a high attention internationally due to its well-rounded menu. When we take into consideration the appetizers menu in turkish cuisine we can find many recipes from all turkish cities.


Turkish appetizers or meze as its called in Turkey, often served cold followed by hot dishes. Most served meze dishes are Turkish feta cheese, grilled eggplant salad, tulum cheese, marinated sweet red pepper, yogurt with garlic, hot pepper and tomato and walnut, hummus salad. Those appetizers also usually served with kebap meals.


Some of appetizers are specially served with fish dishes and let’s not forget the octopus salad, cooked shrimp with butter, fried calamari, smoked fish with mustard sauce, pickled sardine salad and fava bean salad.


Turkish cuisine also is famous for stuffed vine leaves and cabbage with olive oil, those dishes have a very special way to prepare to get to this delicious taste.


You can notice the gastronomy culture when you visit your turkish friend at his property, the way they prepared and gave all attention to appetizers beside drinks. Appetizers also a way to go on a conversation in family, friends gathering or even a neighbor visit.


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