Unforgettable Honeymoon in Bodrum


Bodrum, the cosy aristocratical city on the Aegean coast with attentive style known decades ago. The first choice for most of honeymoon holiday vacancies seekers. The favorite destination for artists and elites.


Bodrum city where you can get your unforgettable romantic honeymoon memories, where the crystal sand meets the blue sea.


There are many places to stay to spend your honeymoon, starting from the coastal resorts set side-by-side with many different categories for all your requested specifications.


Small boutique or five-stars hotels can always be found in Bodrum. Some hotels offer special organizations for honeymooners such like private special designed suite with jacuzzi, served with desserts and drinks shortly you will feel you got your own private heaven.


Enjoying the sun rise and sunset from your suite veranda while having your selective breakfast or favorite drink. Having a satisfying spa course in the attached Turkish bath with its special design from marble and mosaic blue tiles.


Having a walk around the old bazaar and enjoy the historical streets and fushia flowered white painted houses.


Restaurants in bodrum also some of them which are attached to your resort offer a special menu in your honeymoon package. Like a precious dinner on candle lights at well-known restaurants or even bring this occasion to the nearby beach and have your special dinner setting on the sand direct in-front of sea.


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