Buy Apartment in Istanbul by Bank Loan


Istanbul, the top of the list of expats destination in Turkey. Istanbul city the destination for whom planning to get the right investment for their funds. Infra-structure and transportation network of the city were main reasons for Istanbul Realestate market raising. Realestate market in Istanbul also has increased due to high demand on housing area from foreigners and Turkish citizens as well.


Investors coming to Istanbul, often ask about where to invest right? Actually the answer of this question can change depending on your expectations from ROI and your investment budget. As every area of Istanbul is separately preferred by different communities. You can buy one luxurious apartment in city center and rent it out for luxury travel seekers, or buy bulk small apartments in some new branded projects and rent them out for tourists and expats.


Investors and families whom decided to buy apartment in Istanbul, sometimes use the bank loan to purchase a house in Turkey. Those bank loans are presented by banks in their home country in a partnership with banks in Turkey.


All you have to do is providing your tax number and residence permit in Turkey and a credit note from your country, in additional of some more required documents to apply for the bank load or mortgage in Turkey.

The mortgage period can extend to 240 months or less depends on the bank you’re applying from. Also the amount of the down payment as well.


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