Buy property in Turkey with 100 million toman


Buying property in Turkey, has became one of the top topic on search engines all around the world, specially in middleeast for those who are looking for better life standard or even in Europe for vacation lovers.


Purchasing Property in Turkey has many steps to pass until getting the title deed which is the final step. You will need to decide first if you’re looking for investment or living in Turkey. Getting the residence permit in Turkey as an investor can bring you many advantages; you can easily apply for the Turkish citizenship when you invest in Realestate with 250.000 USD. You can also apply for it if you invest with your cash money in one of turkish bans. It’s an advantage to more flexible moving and staying in Turkey without the need of getting the visa.


Properties for investment of start from 40.000 USD two bedroom apartment, allows you to enjoy your vacation whenever you want. Even you can invest in it by renting it out.


Having a successful investment if the aim of most of expats in Turkey, That’s why realestate market in Turkey barely been affected by any external factors. Most of developers offer flexible payment plans for their investors to suit their budget and expenses. Installments up to 5 years available on property purchasing with 0 interest.


Renting out your property in Turkey can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


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