Buy property in Narlidere Izmir


Narlidere district located in Izmir, that elite area where most of villa properties take place. Having breakfast in Narlidere would be a good idea for the weekend.


Invest in Real estate in Narlidere Izmir, a successful investment depends on location and surrounding.invest in Izmir the developing city and the third biggest in Turkey. A new business center and culture capital. For those who prefer a place quieter than Istanbul, smaller and tolerant with higher return on investment. Izmir’s residents are known for their tolerance and ability to adopt with foreigners.


Villages in Izmir are much better, as you can get a holiday home with private garden and spend relaxing time after working for the whole year.


Izmir’s population is only 4 million, however, it’s developing very fast due to the number of tourists and expats visiting during the year. New Tramway and Metro stations were opened in the last year which made it easier to go around the city. It’s only 50 minutes by the metro to Airport and 10 minutes to anywhere else inside the city to/from the center.


Narlidere is easy to reach by bus or ferryboat as well, there you can enjoy the forest and the crystal sea. Shopping in the bazaar or have a culture trip in some historical buildings. As this district is an elite and many luxurious projects taking place there, prices are starting from $100.000 and installments are available.


Renting out your property in Narlidere can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


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