Iranian car factory investing in Turkey


Iranian Famous car factory “khodro” for minibus and van industry, decided to invest in Van city in Turkey. The decision came after long-term conversations and meetings with the Turkish side to put the investment plan for this big factory in Turkey. Van city located in the East of Turkey and almost on the border of Iran, which will be easy to forward or send spare parts to the factory in Turkey.


It’s been announced that the factory will be built on 50 hectare and will be the third biggest branch following the other branches in Iran and Canada. The investment was equivalent to be 200 million dollar.


The Turkish side also informed that it will open new job vacancies in the city for almost 1000 worker. And the service centers will be opened in other Turkish cities as well.


Van city is often welcoming many tourists from Iran everyday. Thus new investment opportunities will open in this small city and it will be a good step for refreshing the economy income for the city. As Van city became Iranians’ favorite city for tourism and business.


It’s also will have a good affect for Real estate market in Van and Turkey in general, as many families from Iran moving to live and work in Turkey due to the sanctions there. Which led to refresh the currency value in Turkey again as many investments and projects being established everyday.


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