Cheap Apartments in Esenyurt in Istanbul


Esenyurt, frequently heard name in Istanbul located next to beylikdüzü with a vertically growing ability due to available lands for investment. This district had many residential projects more than 29 started on 2009 to put the basics for new life and cover the increasing population in Istanbul. Prices in those projects started 30.000 USD (60.000 TL according to exchange rate on 2009). Projects provided ready to move apartments with payment plans.


Time by time, real estate market in Esenyurt has changed and earn a huge fame and became desirable for many foreigner investors.


Apartments in Esenyurt Constructed according to the latest construction technology and the infrastructure were set to start more and more projects. Now the area is very popular specially for investors who used to buy more than single one-bedroom apartments and started to invest them and gain the return on investment.


Properties in Esenyurt Are now very easy to reach by metro-bus, the metro and bus. Many shopping malls opened in the area like Torium shopping mall.


Esenyurt, one of the top destination in real estate sales as many investors specially from middle east showed interest to the area and led to construct much more projects. Hospitals opened their branches in Esenyurt area and also universities. Esenyurt University is an example also international schools. Projects in Esenyurt are provided with commercial units and social facilities. Some of those projects came with social facilities with more privacy for women separated from men to feel free to enjoy their time specially for covered women.


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