Cheap Properties in Fatih Istanbul


Fatih, district where the old Istanbul meets modern architecture and lifestyle. Fatih district where many monuments located such like the Aqueduct of valens, Fatih mosque and Byzantium monuments. Most of tourists specially from middle east prefer to stay and live in Fatih due to the serenity in the area.


Foreigners or expats visiting Istanbul or decided to live in Istanbul, choose Fatih district to buy their apartment and continue living in Turkey. The area has Bazaars and full of shops and all goods are sold for very suitable prices.


Transportation in Fatih is very easy, you can go to Taksim, Eminonu and Şişli directly by bus or you can use the metro-bus to move to other districts in Istanbul.


Many expats prefer to buy Apartment in Fatih, due to its location in the center of Istanbul and because it’s only walking distance to the grand bazaar and Beyazit. A perfect place to have your Turkish coffee or Tea with friends or relatives and back to your home in short time.


Shopping in Fatih, specially for wedding dresses is very common for Turkish and expats. Wedding dresses and materials, home textiles and all necessaries are sold in Fatih for very good prices. Fatih is the right destination for modest and fashionable clothes for veiled women.


Renting out your Apartment in Fatih can also be managed by our renting department in our company.


For more information about living and buying apartment in Fatih Istanbul, please contact us by email or send us a message and we will get to you as soon as possible.