Living Cost in istanbul , Istanbul has been chose as the 163 rd expensive city to live in. Actually Istanbul is the center of business in Turkey and located between Asia and Europe. Turkey’s successful economy, a terminal of europe, low taxes and incentives customs union with the EU since 1996 affected successfully on the economy.


Living in Istanbul, differ from district to another for example living in Maslak is different from from living in Beylikduzu. It doesn’t mean luxurious and slum neighborhood. It’s all about living in the heart of city center and outside of city center which is already connected by a varies of transportation options.


Buying a property in Istanbul can offer you an opportunity to give your property for rent as an investment. Monthly Renting rate vary between 900 Turkish lira to 2000 USD.


Spending money in Istanbul depends on your expenses, if you’re living in touristic district or a normal neighborhood, you can spend 600-700 for food monthly, you can spend almost 20 TL per person for eating-out in a restaurant. Buying clothes can depends on the place you’re shopping from but it can start by 50 TL from a shop in a shopping center. Public Transportation for one-way ticket is 2.75 TL.


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