Ski centers in Turkey , Skiing is the most popular sport in Turkey in winter, all age groups wait for winter to run to mountains and ski centers to enjoy the snow sports skiing and snow boarding. Ski centers are spread in Turkey from East to West.


The most popular Ski center in Turkey located in Uludag in Bursa, the highest mountain in Turkey and due to the nature of the area which has forest, hills and trees. All tourists first ski center to visit is Uludag as they enjoy the winter nights in resorts there and the Turkish hospitality. Some of them also prefer to spend the New year eve celebrations in Uludag on the top of the mountain.


The second popular Ski center in Turkey, located in Kartepe near by Sapanca Lake and only 125 km away from Istanbul, many people loves to spend their winter there in the resorts and the 5 stars hotels accommodation as it takes only 30 minutes to reach the top of the mountain.


The Kartalkaya Ski Center located near by Bolu city, it has a special track according to the European Standards to let visitors enjoy the snowboarding as much as they can.


There are also many Ski centers popular in Turkey such as in Kayseri (Erciyes Ski center), Erzurum (Palandoken Ski center), the famous Sarikamis ski center in Kars and the Saklikent ski center in Antalya.


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