Most attractive reasons to buy an apartment in Istanbul


We have explained previously the benefits of having a property in Turkey specially in a city like Istanbul, the city where the East meets the west in such a harmonically way.


According to last studies in the beginning of the year 2019, experts informed that there’s an increase in the real estate market in Turkey, many expats preferred to stay and live in Turkey after the last economic crisis in their countries. Expats whom looking for stability and security.


Istanbul, was one of the top destination for expats to invest in Turkey and continue living there. And one of the most important reason for this preference is;


Turkish hospitality, once you put your foot in the airport you will notice the way Turkish people act with foreigners. They will always offer you to help and to invite you for a dinner or lunch or even a glass of tea.


Friendly, to live with them and to feel their friendly attitudes towards any foreigners.


Business center, Istanbul city to be the most important center of business where you can get high income for your investment and to find many opportunities for a successful investment.


Easy transportation, the key of success comes from not wasting time, and that exactly what comes when you look at the transportation network in Istanbul, you can get easily anywhere when you want. The metro, the marmaray, metro-bus and other transportation facilities provided a kind of easiness for moving the city.


Land for investment, Istanbul city still got enough amount of lands to be invest in specially after closing the Ataturk Airport and decide to invest the land of it. The land where Ataturk Airport was taking place located in a place where all hotel chains and universities surrounded the area and it made the value of the land jump in a few months.


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