Real Estate value is rising in Atasehir – Istanbul


Realestate in Istanbul, Ataşehir district has recently gained value. Realestate experts have detected an increase in realestate values in Ataşehir this elegant region located in the Asian (Anatolian) side of Istanbul.


With the new housing projects that started in the region since 2000’s, the value of the apartment has started to be evaluated in Istanbul especially after 2010.


Apartments in Ataşehir, have gained value parallel to the real estate market in Istanbul. Also we can see that Real estate sales shown increasing between 2010 and 2012. And provided a higher rate of increase more than Istanbul’s other markets between 2013 and 2016.


On 2017, Ataşehir Real estate market’s rising sales had a strong increasing in the ready-to-move housing projects on the beginning of the year 2018.


Ataşehir has raised the real estate value as a result of being close to Anatolia, being close to Sabiha Gokcen airport, being close to provinces and other areas, providing easy transportation to European side of Istanbul, the increasing of students due to university and education centers.


According to the latest financial reports, More than 9,000 financial personnel will be placed in the financial center project of Ataşehir and 27,000 additional housing projects will be built.

Houses prices have been doubled in Ataşehir according to real estate data of the last 3 years and expecting to be increased after the financial center project. Those prices are now are shown as 90.000$ for the one-bedroom apartment in the area.


There are more than 15,000 houses are ready-to-move. And According to the values ​​given by the experts in Ataşehir, the prices of m2 are between 3000-5000 TL, and expected to double with the Finance project.

For this reason, Ataşehir region has become a very advantageous place especially for foreign real estate investments in Istanbul.


In 2015, 6.888 houses were built in Ataşehir, half of these houses were second hand real estate, and on the other hand the other half were fresh new real estate.


Barbaros district in the western part of Ataşehir is the most expensive area where houses are built in the region. Other valuable areas also are Küçükbakkalköy and Ataturk. And In order to get some more suitable price of real estate, the districts of Mevlana, Örnek district, İnönü, kayışdağı, yeni sahra, esatpaşa, içerenköy, yeniçamlıca and Fetih are preferred.


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