The Ritz-Cartlton, Şişli/İstanbul- Turkey

Apartment for Sale in Bomonti ISTANBUL



  • 24 Hour Security
  • Administrative support
  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Broadband Internet
  • Cafe
  • Central heating
  • Dishwasher
  • Gym
  • Investment properties
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kitchen
  • Luxury Property
  • Restaurant
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool


  Apartment for Sale in Bomonti ISTANBUL

Our project is located in Bomonti, a part of Şişli. municipality and the most promising part of the city that is
attracting investors’ attention as being easy access to most vital locations such as the Bosphorus, shopping centers, hospitals, international schools, as well as the favorite place to socialize for locals.

• 3 min drive to the Bosphorus
• 5 min walk to Okmeydanı Hospital
• 7 min walk to metro station
• 10 min walk to Taksim Square
• 10 min walk to Nişantaşı
• 15 min drive to Asian side
• 35 min drive to Istanbul Airport


Available Units:
1+0 –  (46,38 M2 47,16 M2)  – 200.000 USD to 260.000 USD
1+1  – (81,32 M2 87,62 M2))  – 335.000 USD to 480.000 USD
1+1  –  (91,83 M2 94,42 M2)  – 400.000 USD to 500.000 USD
1+1  –  (99,15 M2 99,2 M2)  – 415.000 USD to 440.000 USD
1+1  –  (103,58 M2 112,67 M2)  – 430.000 USD to 595.000 USD
2+1  –  (138,69 M2 140,07 M2) – 555.000 USD to 675.000 USD
2+1  –  (148,47 M2 148,51 M2)  – 655.000 USD to 760.000 USD
3,5+ – 1 (193,89 M2 194 M2)  – 990.000 USD to 1.250.000 USD



Officially designated neighborhoods of Şişli. Some unofficial ones such as Bomonti are not shown.

  • Şişli Merkez (lit. “Şişli Center”) and Cumhuriyeti to its south, commonly called Bomonti after the former Bomonti Brewery, now repurposed as Bomontiada,[10] including the Babylon event venue featuring regular live music. There’s also a presidential museum, and photography on display at the Ara Guler Museum. The name Bomonti is referenced in the name of the Bomonti Hilton hotel, the 39-story Bomonti Park tower,[11] etc.
  • Esentepe – home to the Municipality of Şişli and Zincirlikuyu Cemetery. Neighboring Gayrettepe and Levent neighborhoods of Beşiktaş district and Mecidiyeköy neighborhood, Esentepe also covers the west side of Büyükdere Street at Levent, where most of the plazas are located.
  • Kurtuluş – formerly Tatavla (GreekΤαταύλα, “horse stable”) in the Ottoman period, was home to a Greek and later Armenian community. The district had mostly wooden houses until the fire on April 13, 1929. Afterwards, it was rebuilt in narrow stone streets and, over time, concrete buildings, lined with cafés, patisseries, and shops. This cosmopolitan district has a long history, and has been home to many singers, artists, and actors. There are a small number of old apartment buildings. It was also known mainly for its traditional carnival, which was organized every year before Lent. The peak of the carnival, on the last day of Lent, took place in Kurtuluş and was known as Baklahorani.[12] After the riots of 1955, the Greek community left the area; however, their churches are open on religious holidays.
  • Teşvikiye – uphill from Beşiktaş, an area with many classic European-style buildings as well as a busy high-class shopping district. Since the 19th century, Teşvikiye has been home to many writers (including journalist Abdi Ipekçi, who was assassinated here in 1979), politicians and a great number of prominent business families and still holds a well-established middle-class, including some descendants of Levantine and Jewish families that built many of the stone apartment buildings of Teşvikiye in the Ottoman period. Prominent buildings include the Milli Reasürans building, and the neo-Baroque Teşvikiye Mosque, who established the neighbourhood by building the mosque and the nearby historic Teşvikiye Police Station, encouraging citizens of Istanbul to settle in this new district (hence the name Teşvikiye, from teşvik, encouragement in Turkish.) Abdi İpekçi Avenue. There are a number of well-known schools, including some buildings of Marmara University and Işık Lisesi.
  • Nişantaşı – neighbourhood encompassing Teşvikiye and Harbiye, famous for its many Art Nouveau apartment buildings. The American Hospital, one of the city’s best hospitals, is also located here. Nişantaşı is famous for high-end shopping along Abdi İpekçi Caddesi, Turkey’s most expensive street in terms of lease prices, and the City’s Nişantaşı mall.
  • Mecidiyeköy – Business and shopping district north of the O-1 highway; Istanbul’s main market for computer equipment. Narrow streets of tall office buildings. Home of Galatasaray football club’s Ali Sami Yen Stadium. The Profilo Shopping Center, with its food court, cinemas and bowling alley, is here. Mecidiyeköy Antikacılar Çarşısı (Mecidiyeköy Antiques Bazaar), a large multi-storey building with dozens of antiques shops (the largest of its kind in Istanbul) is located at the eastern edge.
  • Okmeydanı – in the north of Şişli, home to some large hospitals. This was the archery practice ground of the Ottoman armies (hence the name, lit. the square of arrows), an Ottoman mosque was built here. Later the land was planted with fruit trees, and in the 1960s turned over to developers for building as the city expanded. Darülaceze, the Ottoman-period orphanage, is here, built in 1896.
  • Kuştepe – north of the O-1 highway, a gecekondu (illegally built) district of poor housing traditionally occupied by the Romani people in Turkey community and recent migrants from the countryside. Trump Tower and AVM (mall) are located here along the O-1.[13]
  • Pangaltı – home to Saint James Armenian Hospital and Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.


The mayor of Şişli is Muammer Keskin from the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Places of interest

The house of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, today the Atatürk Museum, in central Şişli.

The Bomonti Beer Factory in 1902. Portions are now part of the Bomontiada arts venue.

Museums and historical places
Sport venues
Arts and entertainment venues
Religious buildings
Shopping malls
Tall buildings
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