The Ritz-Cartlton, Şişli/İstanbul- Turkey

Beykoz Property for sale in istanbul



  • 24 Hour Security
  • Administrative support
  • Balcony
  • Broadband Internet
  • Cafe
  • Central heating
  • Dishwasher
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • Investment properties
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kitchen
  • Lift
  • Restaurant
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool


Beykoz Property

Citizenship Opportunity in Istanbul

The project will be a symbol in the renewed face of Riva with its aesthetic architecture, low-rise structure and rich landscape areas. We are building detached villas with large gardens on a land of 1 million 157 thousand square meters located at a point overlooking the Riva Stream and the Black Sea view. The project includes villas of different sizes from 152 square meters to 440 square meters. The villas, which will be delivered incompletely in the second stage, as in the first stage, will be able to buy the decoration package they want (for fine workmanship) according to the investor’s preference and receive their villa ready.

Site Features
Children’s swimming pool
Children’s playgrounds
• Sauna
Fitness center
• Security
Camera security
• Tennis court
Lake / pond
Forest view
• Parking Garage
• Ping pong
Building Features
• Water tank
• Booster
• Elevator
Housing Features
• Underfloor heating
Central heating
• Heat share meter
Parents’ bathroom
Parents dressing room
• Terrace
• Warehouse / cellar
Construction Techniques
• Building inspection has been done
• Ground survey has been done
• Compliant with earthquake regulations
• Compliant with the insulation regulation

Beykoz Property


Places to see

Ottoman era yalı houses in Kanlıca, Beykoz, on the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorus strait.

Mihrişah Valide Sultan Fountain at Küçüksu Palace

Khedive Palace Entrance

The Bosphorus coastal road runs up to Beykoz from Beylerbeyi (just below the Bosphorus Bridge) and there are roads down to the coast from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge too. The district can also be reached by water of course; by ferry from EminönüBeşiktaş. There are also smaller boats from Yeniköy to Beykoz, and from Bebek or Emirgan to the neighborhoods of Kanlıca or Anadolu Hisarı.

Of the three most distinctive buildings on the way up the Bosphorus to Beykoz, one is a classic Ottoman imperial hunting lodge Küçüksu Palace; one is much older, the castle of Anadolu Hisarı was constructed by the Ottomans during the buildup to the conquest in order to secure the Bosphorus for the Turkish armies; and one is more recent, the prominent white tower on the hill above Kanlıca is Khedive Palace, built in 1907 as the holiday home of the Khedive of Egypt. Khedive Palace is now a restaurant set in a very attractive park. Kanlıca and Anadolu Hisarı are pleasant villages with cafes on the waterfront to sit and have tea.

Along the coast are some of the most expensive houses in the city and many politicians and famous people in Turkey have villas here. Some of the grandest of the huge wooden Ottoman seaside houses called yalı can be found from Anadolu Hisarı up to Beykoz itself. As well as the obvious attraction of living by the water the large areas of forest parkland on hillside along much of this coast make the Beykoz waterfront a peaceful retreat from the city.

But the water is the clincher: the scent of the sea coming off the Bosphorus, people fishing, the huge ships sliding by, the sound of foghorns in the evening; no wonder the restaurants and nightclubs on the shore are the classiest in the city, and the coast before Beykoz has its share of these – clubs such as Hayal Kahvesi or Club 29 in Çubuklu, restaurants such as Körfez or Lacivert (both near Anadolu Hisarı).

Much of the coast is built on unfortunately, and the buses that drive the coast road are a law unto themselves but there are still plenty of spots on the waterfront to eat, drink, fish, or just sit. In places such as Yalıköy, there are boats moored up selling grilled mackerel.

Polish festival in Polonezköy (literally Polish Village), located at a densely forested area of Beykoz (Polonezköy Nature Park).

In Beykoz city center itself there is a large park on the hillside (Beykoz Korusu), and a number of attractive Ottoman fountains. The town centre also has a village feel to it, with smallish, aging buildings, many of them houses rather than blocks of flats, especially on the hills that climb up away from the coast. Being far from city infrastructure, public transit is taking time to arrive, but the general peacefulness of neighbourly relations and the possibility of a Bosphorus view more than compensate.

Beyond Beykoz, there are large areas of forested countryside, where the people of Istanbul come for picnics on weekends. This is when Beykoz suffers some of the traffic congestion that plagues the city as a whole.

Some popular picnic spots include: The upper Bosphorus villages of Anadolu KavağıAnadolufeneri, and Poyrazköy. In Anadolufeneri, the historical lighttower Anadolu Feneri can be visited. Kavak being particularly popular as the last stop on the Bosphorus ferry cruises, where people stop to eat fish and walk up to the castle on the hill.

Fener and Poyraz are smaller but very pleasant fishing villages; The Black Sea village of Riva; where you can swim but you must be careful as this is near the mouth of the Bosphorus and sometimes there are dangerous currents which causes risk of drowning.

The inland around and between Cumhuriyet Köyü, Ali Bahadır, DeğirmendereAkbabaDereseki, and Polonezköy are all popular retreats, and new roads were paved to service the luxury housing that is going up in places. Construction of the third bridge on the Bosporus, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, and the second one to run through Beykoz district, further caused prices of real estate to soar.

There are a number of tombs of Muslim saints and holy places that also attract visitors, particularly the tomb of Joshua on a hill just before Anadolu Kavağı. The grave is that of Prophet Yusha, the successor to Prophet Musa.



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