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Buy Apartment Beylikduzu with sea view



  • 24 Hour Security
  • Administrative support
  • Air Conditioning
  • ATM
  • Balcony
  • Cafe
  • Dishwasher
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • High ceilings
  • Investment properties
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kitchen
  • Lawn
  • Lift
  • Restaurant
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool
  • Valet


Buy Apartment Beylikduzu with sea view

Sea View in Beylikdüzü

The project, which consists of 306 flats in four blocks with 16 floors, offers a suitable solution for every need with different apartment types. In the project, which consists of apartments of 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 types, 2 + 1 apartments have sizes varying between 144-149 square meters, while 3 + 1 apartments attract attention with their usage areas of 188 square meters.

The project meets the comfort, technology and security requirements of the homeowners at the maximum level. Apartments with central heating, en-suite bathrooms and balconies are delivered to the homeowners with built-in white goods sets. Let us also say that in the project, where there will be no vehicle traffic in closed parking lots and the site, security is provided by a 24/7 camera system and a security team.
12,350 square meters of green areas in the project attract those who want to spend time alone with nature. The project, which has an outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, fitness center, cafeteria, sunbathing terrace, walking path and seating areas with camellia, is provided by the commercial areas and the homeowners to meet all their needs without leaving the site.
The project, surrounded by popular eating and drinking places, shopping malls, education and health institutions, has many transportation alternatives, especially metrobus.

About Beylikduzu

Beylikdüzü is populated especially after the 1999 İzmit earthquake by the people from older districts of Istanbul who preferred to move to newly constructed buildings in Beylikdüzü because of their fear for safety of the old buildings. When the Metrobus (rapid bus system) is extended from Avcılar to Beylikdüzü in 2012, Beylikdüzü is affected by the second wave of migration. With the advance of Metrobüs the perception of “distance” has changed and places which seemed far away before became closer, so many moved to Beylikdüzü. Its population has grown from around 3000 in the early 1990s to 350,000 by 2018.[3] Since the population of Beylikdüzü consists mostly of migrants from other districts of Istanbul or Turkey, and Beylikdüzü is a relatively recently established city, Beylikdüzü has gained a welcoming atmosphere for the newcomers without having any social stratification. The popularity of Beylikdüzü has increased greatly in the last few years and the region became a hot spot for residential and commercial investments.[4] Beylikdüzü has the highest rapid increase in the land and property value in Turkey, making its investors richer in a very short time.[5] Beylikdüzü was one of the few municipalities in Turkey that switched from AKP to CHP in 2014 with an overwhelming

Buy Apartment Beylikduzu


Skyline of the Beylikduzu Beykent area from the seaside.

   Beylikdüzü is the modern part of Istanbul which is improving more every day. Beylikdüzu together with the Ataköy Marina district are now attracting the upper-middle class because of their good infrastructure, and are seeing the construction of new luxury developments.[7] The attraction is also increased by their close proximity to the Istanbul Atatürk Airport.[8] Beylikdüzü is home to the most shopping malls in Istanbul and is considered a heaven for shopping, also referred to as the “AVM cumhuriyeti” (or republic of shopping in English).[9]

Beylikdüzü is the one of the most cosmopolitan districts of Istanbul, thus hosting a mosaic of different cultures of Turkey together with people from other countries. Beylikdüzü matches the European cities with its high green space per person.

The green space is over 10M² per person in Beylikdüzü.[10] Almost in every street and avenue trees are planted at equal distance; making the whole neighborhood as an open-air museum. The construction of the botanical park in the huge valley between Adnan Kahveci and Cumhuriyet neighbourhood is still going on.[11]

Istanbul Seafood Wholesale Market Hall in Kumkapı (in historical peninsula) is planned to be established in its new and bigger complex in Beylikdüzü.[12] However, people with environmental awareness in Beylikdüzü have a concern that the new seafood market which is planned to be constructed by land reclamation on the Gürpinar coast of Beylikdüzü,

Can disturb the natural underwater current which cleans the Büyükçekmece Bay. Environmentalist people fear that having stopped the currents the bay can turn into a sewage zone and lost all its beauty. Plus some experts claim that the seafood supply is mostly carried from the land not from the sea so it will add an unnecessary traffic pressure on the Beylikdüzü’s existing road system.[13]

Neighbourhoods (“Mahalle” in Turkish)

  • Adnan Kahveci
  • Barış
  • Büyükşehir
  • Cumhuriyet
  • Dereağzı
  • Gürpınar
  • Kavaklı
  • Marmara
  • Sahil
  • Yakuplu
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