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Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova



  • 24 Hour Security
  • Air Conditioning
  • ATM
  • Balcony
  • Car Park
  • Car-parking
  • Central heating
  • Dryer
  • Green Areas
  • Gym
  • Holiday property
  • Investment properties
  • Luxury Property
  • near atm
  • near hospital
  • near shoppingMall
  • Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • WiFi


Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

New branded project in Izmir Bornova. Sea view apartments for sale.

swimming pool


beach pool

fitness center

doctor room




meeting room

music room

PlayStation room

mini cinema

children playground

24/7 security

spa & sauna

close to metro

close to the city center

25% down payment,  24 months installments

The complex will be ready after 24 months





Türkiye)The first settlement area of ​​Izmir was found thanks to archaeological excavations. It is thought that the city was founded in Yeşilova, located in Bornova, in the period of history, which is scientifically called the Neolithic period, approximately 8-9 thousand years ago. It is thought that the first inhabitants of İzmir, who had very fertile alluvial soils in this period, lived in this geography for about 1500 years, that is, until the end of the Chalcolithic period.

Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

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Although the reason for restarting in Bayraklı as the second settlement of the city is not known yet, scientists continue their studies on the subject. Archaeological excavations revealed that the traces of the ancient settlement in Bayraklı, Tepekule go back 5000 years; However, intensive studies are needed to obtain more precise information that can be linked to other regions.-Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

The best known period about Bayraklı and Tepekule is the 7th century BC, when the settlement lived its heyday. During this period, the city is one of the 12 Ionian cities, has a magnificent Athena temple and is engaged in trade. Although archaeological excavations have seen minor signs of life in the 4th century BC, the city was mainly moved to the area we know today as Kadifekale. It is possible to see archaeological artifacts, each of which has a distinct aesthetic, in the Izmir Archeology Museum and Izmir Archeology and Art Museum.

Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova
Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

Of course, every city has a foundation legend in ancient times: It is rumored that one day Alexander the Great fell asleep at the foot of a spring and under a plane tree on the skirts of Kadifekale. In his dream, two Nemeses come and advise him to establish a city where he is and the people to migrate here. Alexander the Great, awakening from his sleep, asks the goddesses’ wishes to the oracles in the temple of Apollo, which is the most famous prophecy center of the region and is located in Klaros (now Ahmetbeyli, can be visited).(Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova)

God Apollo replies to the people of Smyrn that those who will sit on the hill of Pagos (the area known today as Kadifekale) beyond the Sacred Meles (Yeşildere today) will be three or four times more happy than before. It is known that the city moved from Bayraklı Tepekule to the skirts of Kadifekale in the Hellenistic period in the 4th century BC. This is of course a pleasant legend, the real truth is that the life possibilities of the city are now in negative conditions in Bayraklı Tepekule, and a new search is needed.

Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

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After the city moved to the skirts of Kadifekale, it has been inhabited continuously until today. Today, the area known as Agora Excavations, which you will see on your left as you climb the Ikiçeşmelik slope, was the state agora of the city. Here, important decisions about the city were made and there was a large court building. Unfortunately, other buildings related to the city are under more modern structures today.-Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

The Hellenistic period, which started with Alexander the Great, follows the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods in Izmir as in all geographies. The Roman and Byzantine periods were not very bright and catchy in Izmir.Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova

During this period, Izmir was a city where people from all nations and all the goods of the east and the west could be seen in its streets and bazaars. It was a trade bridge between Asia and Europe.

Sea view Apartment For Sale in Izmir Bornova


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