The Ritz-Cartlton, Şişli/İstanbul- Turkey




  • Air Conditioning
  • ATM
  • Barbecue
  • Car Park
  • car washing
  • Car-parking
  • Central heating
  • Dishwasher
  • Fitness
  • full sea view
  • Garden
  • Green Areas
  • Gym
  • near atm
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Spa and Sauna
  • Swimming Pool
  • TV Cable
  • WiFi



Have you ever thought about buying a luxury private home in Bodrum? If so, I suggest you do not miss this opportunity. Here, I want to introduce This villas in Gokcebel, Bodrum, where you can find your dream villa in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Bodrum with stunning sea views. Keep reading and learn more about the details of this project in Yalıkavak bay, a piece of heaven in a messy world

This project is one of the best options where you can find your favorite home in this city. As a resident of the Yalikavak location, while you are surrounded by green lands, sea, and beaches, you can easily access all your needed social.  It is the list of the nearby places to this location.: 100 meters and 2 minutes walking distance to the sea and the beach. 2 minutes to luxury venues.

* Suitable for Citizenship

* Ready to Move


Project Information:

4+2, 5+1 Bedroom Options



Site Features

Walking Track

Parking Garage


Indoor Swimming Pool

Children Swimming Pool

Children’s Playgrounds


Turkish Bath

Fitness Center


Outdoor Swimming Pool


Floor Heating

Suite Bathroom

2 person fully secure elevator

Master rooms real wood parquet

Laundry Room

5 tons’ water tank





Rooms Min m2 Max. m2 Min. Price Max. Price
4+2 200 m2 350 m2 1.700.000 $ 1.700.000 $


5 minutes to Yalıkavak Marina

2 minutes to luxury venues

30 Minutes to Bodrum International Airport



There are many reasons why Bodrum is known as a popular holiday destination not only in Turkey but also in the world. But one of the first reasons we need to underline is the history and historical monuments of Bodrum. Bodrum Castle, which has an important place in Bodrum, is the largest and most intact castle in the Mediterranean Sea.

Visited by about 300 thousand local and foreign tourists every year, the castle is not located on the top of the city but in the middle of the sea, unlike the known castles. The castle was built on a rocky ground between the two harbours and became an island in antiquity and then a peninsula by connecting to the city. ESTHETIC VILLAS LOCATED IN A BEAUTIFUL SEASIDE AREA OF BODRUM

The castle, which covers an area of about 30,000m², has 5 towers. These are the French, British, Italian, German towers and The Serpent Tower. Today, the castle is used as a museum and the Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum is located within the Bodrum Castle.

Bodrum Castle

Some of the works exhibited in the museum collections are the Turkish Bath, Amphora Display, Eastern Roman Ship, Glass Hall, Glass Wreck, Coin and Jewellery Hall, Carian Princess Hall, English Tower and the Dungeon Rooms.

If you come to Bodrum on holiday, we recommend that you spend a day here. ESTHETIC VILLAS LOCATED IN A BEAUTIFUL SEASIDE AREA OF BODRUM

History of Bodrum Castle

Settling in İzmir following the occupation of İzmir between 1344 and 1403, the The Knights of St. John took control of the Dodecanese Islands and Izmir. After the end of their rule by the Ottoman Empire and losing the places they’ve occupied, The Knights of St. John settled in Bodrum with the permission they received from the Ottoman Sultan of the time, Çelebi Mehmet.

When Was Bodɾum Castle Built?

Knights of St. John built strong forts not only in Bodrum but everywhere they captured. In order to protect themselves from the threat of the Ottoman Empire, they started to build Bodrum Castle in 1406. ESTHETIC VILLAS LOCATED IN A BEAUTIFUL SEASIDE AREA OF BODRUM Parts of the castle are built at different times. The chapel is completed in 1406, the English Tower in 1413, and the first walls in 1437. It takes about 100 years to build, completing in 1522.

Bodrum Castle

The reason it took so long to build was the Ottoman Empire’s constant attacks on the Castle throughout the 15th Century. As the Ottoman Empire attacked, The Knights of John had to work to strengthen the castle.

In 1480, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror was disturbed by the piracy activities of the Knights of St. John on the Eastern Mediterranean maritime trade line. He sends a navy under the command of Mesih Pasha to Rhodes to end the knight’s dominance in this crucial region. ESTHETIC VILLAS LOCATED IN A BEAUTIFUL SEASIDE AREA OF BODRUM

Mesih Pasha presses Rhodes but fails to occupy. The navy also bombs Bodrum Castle and causes a great damage. The knights don’t give up and use 160,000 stones from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus to re-build the castle.


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