The Biggest Luna Park in Turkey opened in Ankara


Wonderland Eurasia or Ankapark, The biggest Lunapark in Turkey was opened in Ankara city. This Luna park to be the second biggest one in Europe.


Ankapark, contains approximately 2100 games established on a 1.3 million square meter. This Theme park also contains 2 million variety of plants and a space of 6400 car parking.


Entries of this Ankapark will be free of charge for all visitors until March 31 and then visitors will pay a fee of TL 25 after that date.


Ankara, the Anatolian city located in the middle of Turkey and the capital as well. Easily reachable by bus or Air from Esenboğa Airport.


Ankara, the city contains a huge population of workers and university students due to its value as an administrative center.


Ankara, will be your correct choice for buying a property in case you’re planning to establish your own work in Turkey, as it’s considered the second largest city after Istanbul.


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