Why is Realestate in these cities valued?


Istanbul, the most precious city in Turkey, is already attracting interest all the time. As a result of being the center of business and a main compass and destination for tourists from all around the world made the city a perfect opportunity for those looking for a stable investment.


Çanakkale, The reason of increasing the value of this islands in Marmara Sea, is the immigration and construction of Çanakkale Bridge. The immigration to this quiet city became a part of life companioned with the reasonable prices of realestate was an insisting reason to the increased value of the city in the real state market in Turkey.


Ordu, It is emphasized that this Anatolian city has received immigration as well, the investments in the Organized Industrial Zone and the trade volume created by ORGİ Airport.


Sakarya, the small city nearby Istanbul where investors invest in land, is valued with the reflection of this interest on real estate. Due to the wide amount of lands in this city and the ability to plant it and invest in Agriculture in Turkey.


Izmir, The reasons for increasing Izmir’s value are the intensive migration and the quality development in the real estate market. As the city became a new business center and Exhibitions in Turkey due to its developing environment what helped businessmen to achieve successful deals in short time and supportive atmosphere.


Burdur, in southwest Turkey continues to gain value as another city that develops immigration and commercial activities.


Muğla, One of the important strongholds of tourism, Muğla is gaining value as it attracts the attention of domestic and foreign investors.


Sinop, one of the most tranquil cities of the Black Sea, is a city that has developed in the real estate market in Turkey since it has received retirement immigration in recent years, the development of the university’s presence in the city, the airport is active and the tourism potential increases every year.


Changes in the living standards of people in recent years in Turkey, the acceleration of urbanization work, enabling the development of Anatolian cities. Transportation projects passing through these cities, increasing foreign interest with the Law of Reciprocity, pave the way for many cities to come forward. It is observed that many cities have experienced serious changes in real estate in the last five years.


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