Valued Districts In Izmir


Which areas in Izmir recently valued? Investors where they often invest in Izmir? The answer is Bayrakli district.

Mixed projects are a main option of transformed projects in the area, the area began to be a place of modern skyscrapers with a residence-office concept.


Karşıyaka-Mavişehir this area full of newly built and decorated shopping malls and luxurious residences, led to reduction of land size in the area which was a reason for an increasing in land value and prices of apartments in Mavişehir.


Apartments in Mavişehir still popular for families with good and above middle salary. For families with medium and less salary whom still prefer in stay in Karşıyaka district then they may choose to buy a property in Çiğli/Izmir.


Day by day the campus of Katip çelebi University getting bigger and the student number is increasing, that was a reason to gain value for the area and a jump in one-bedroom apartments in Karşıyaka.


Çiğli district began to be an attractive center for buy&let investors, Because of the increasing number of students what led to an increasing of furnished one-bedroom apartments for rent.


The metro (Izban) in Çiğli, facilitated the residents departure to Bornova, Alsancak, Konak and from/to the Airport.


Investors planning to buy an apartment or office in Izmir, preferred to buy an apartment in Bayrakli district. However, those who is planning to buy and let in Izmir preferred more the Çiğli district.


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