Turkish delights, the word that makes your eyes shine when you read it. An every occasion gift. Turkey has improved the taste of desserts in all over the world by spreading the traditional Turkish cuisine culture.


In Turkey, Turkish desserts have its value and importance in the Turkish society, when you visit your friend in his property, you can bring him “Turkish Baklava” and enjoy it with the companion of Turkish tea.


Another type of Turkish dessert, called “Lokum” which is also known for all of us as Turkish Delights its history extends to the 1700s, a variety of flavors and size comes of this dessert such like Rosewater, lemon, fruits and coconut. The regular cut and the small cut that Turkish people specially prefer with the companion of the Turkish coffee.


Turkish delights, are also used in family visits, meetings, friends companions and even a romantic gift.


Most of tourists who visit Turkey, for the first time are impressed with the variety of the Turkish delights, the most famous place to taste a good quality of desserts located in Sirkeci area in Istanbul in front of the tramway station.


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