41 different spices in Turkish Mesir Paste ,Turkish Mesir paste, is a traditional food that contains 41 different spices and herbs which gives energy to our body. Turkish mesir is the famous food in Manisa the city in west Turkey.


It was first invented when Sultan Suleyman’s mother got ill after the death of Sultan Yavuz Selim and it was used as a medicine in the old Ottoman Empire, then after became a part of the Manisa city traditions and distributed from the top of the Sultan Mosque in the center of Manisa to people every year as a festivity since the 16th century.


The Turkish Mesir celebrations takes place from 21-24th of March every year and all people wait for the Mesir paste. Many people come from different regions of Turkey to catch the thrown pieces of mesir paste. As Many believe that doing so, their wishes for marriage, work and children will come true within a year.


Also a dressed orchestra in traditional clothing perform historical Ottoman music during the preparation of the paste and throughout the festival.


This Mesir paste (also known as Mesir Macunu) has a very strong effect on recovering and gives energy to human body in cold weather. It believed also on its aphrodisiac effect on men. This Mesir paste contains the following spices and herbs; Anise, Indigo, china root, black cumin, Mustard seed, Galingale , Cassia, Coconut and five bases, Indian strawberry, Cardamom, vanilla, Black pepper, Carnation, cubeb, Cumin, Crimean tartar, Coriander, Licorice extract, Orange peel, Revan’s root, Saffron, Gum, Cinnamon, Fennel.


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