Favorite food in Istanbul Turkey has recently proofed its effect on the international cuisine with the variety of items and dishes in the Turkish cuisine. The variety of every cuisine in every region in Turkey. Turkish restaurants also has spread in all over the world and achieved a high point of customer satisfaction.


Istanbul, has brought all Turkish regions’ cuisines together in one city. When you visit Istanbul you will be impressed by the grilled meat food like the “adana kebap”, “shish kebap” and “Beyti kebap”. Those dishes are also served with a wide menu of appetizers.


You can notice the number of traditional Turkish restaurants when you visit Istanbul as Turkish people prefer the Turkish cuisine dishes than to eat the fast food. The most second famous food specially in the Suleymaniye area is the “Kuru Fasulye” and for sure the every time dessert the “Kunefe”.


It’s common when you visit someone in their property to bring the traditional Turkish dessert “Baklava”, this dessert the every time gift.


In old Ottoman time an example of the Turkish hospitality, house owner often used to know wether the visitor is hungry or not by offering the Turkish coffee with water, if the visitor is hungry he will pick the water first and if he’s not he will drink the coffee.


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