Traditional Turkish Drinks , “Gönül ne kahve ister ne kahvehane, gönül sohbet ister kahve bahane” the famous Turkish proverb that all Turkish people say when they invite someone for a cup of Turkish coffee.


Turkish coffee, every morning must-to-do drinks in Turkey, the queen drink for those friendly people. Turkish people used to drink coffee for the first time in the 14th century and now one of the most important Turkish culture symbol. They drink it in their pleasure and sorrow and specially prepared to be with a froth. Turkish coffee now has got an international fame and many cafés began to add it to their morning serving list.


When you visit someone for the first time in their property in Turkey, they will offer you to drink Turkish coffee as a symbol of friendship and welcoming.


Turkish tea, the joker drink in Turkey, fast to drink and easy to serve everywhere. You will be invited for a glass of tea even if you’re shopping in the street. Turkish merchants always complement you with a glass of tea when you’re visiting their shop. Sometimes a complement drink from Turkish restaurants for their special customers. Turkish people love to drink tea and it’s always ready and hot in the kitchen to be served with cookies.


Turkish Ayran, the special traditional drink made from yoghurt and water it’s a little bit salty. Specially drunk with grilled meats, oily food and to be served while eating. Turkish people like the Ayran so much and consider it the national drink for Turkey.


Turkish Oralet, is another famous trade mark for a traditional drink used in Turkey which is simply a fruit flavored tea. Orange, apple and lemon flavors are the most famous for this kind of hot drink. It was a good alternative for children who should not be drinking coffee or tea and also for people who doesn’t like tea or coffee. It was presented to the Turkish market as a cold drink but due to the habit of hot drinks in the Turkish society it was used as a hot drink.


Turkey also is famous for their herbal tea such like Ihlamur and Adacay which are used specially in winter for their special treatment effect on cold and flu.


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